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COZZI is a luxury furniture factory  which located in Guangdong, China. We produce furniture & create customized interior projects for more than 12 years.

We’ve started with the domestic market in 2008, cooperated with over 100 design studios & real estate companies, like PERCH Design,  KLID Design , Vanke Real Estate and Country Garden, etc.

As the Company has opened up to international markets, the value of the company has increased.

COZZI is multi-faceted and offers a complete environment.

Whether you’re looking for a modern style or want to revisit traditional classic styles of furniture, or whether you’re a private client or looking for commercial use we can help you with home furniture or decorative interior accessories.

We offer full service to our clients in a professional and creative way to full fill their needs and desires.

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The Main Principles

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Wide Production
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Our mission is to provide you with a complete solution and maximum satisfaction with our products. We create all our standard and custom versions from sketch, to DWG and 3D into real and visual production.

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You have the best working for you

a team of professionals


Purchasing custom furniture is a wonderful way to get exactly what you want and create a beautiful harmony in your home or office.

We offer exclusive service in each order providing “tailor-made” solution for clients and customization needs.

We listen, and we generally ensure that we do understand and picture what in your mind one next to the other with finding out about you, your attentions, how you will utilize it and how it will make the best of your needs.

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Feel free to watch the video of our latest showroom to get a hold of the CozziHome complete experence. What do you think?

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we have over

1,000+ Standard Products

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Our support and sales team are here to assist you with any inquires and concerns. Feel free to contact us via contact@cozzihome.com and +86 0757 288227994 or +86-136 3005 0805 as well.

Please scan the QR code to find us on WeChat.

or find us on WeChat via +86136 3005 0805

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For an immediate approach, please contact us via +8615018487007 or via WhatsApp.