Quality is The Key

Quality is one of our most important concerns, for which we have arranged multiple inspection processes, from drawing furniture drawing review, workshop inspection of semi-finished products, to QC inspection of finished products, each of which is our top priority.

All these processes will be updated in real-time with our clients, the quality inspection throughout the entire production process.

At the same time of inspection, our QC will mark the product quality issue for immediate repair, and all repaired products must pass the second inspection before the packaging.

Our QC Daily Work
Our QC Daily Work
Our QC Daily Work
Our QC Daily Work

How Are We Serious with Quality?

In order to control the quality, we have arranged quality inspections at all important parts, here are some of our QC standards.

100% Inspection

All of our products are fully inspected, even 100 pieces, all 100 pieces need to be checked, and only products that pass QC inspection can be packaged.


All the furniture needs to be double-checked with size, color, effect, and other production requirements, compare with samples is our basic requirement for QC inspection.

Immediate Repair

The quality inspection of furniture is not only to find problems but also to solve and repair them. All the repaired furniture needs to pass the second inspection.

Inspection Report

All quality problems need to be marked, and each time of QC inspection report will organize into files. These documents will all be used as examples to improve quality.

We Only Use Quality Materials

That is a saying : you get what you pay for. We are definitely not the lowest-priced supplier in the market, but we can guarantee that every penny you spend is worth it, here is our regular project quote budget.


We only use natural marble, and our budget is up to RMB 800~1000 /square, popular one is Marquinia, Emperador, White Calacatta, there’s a lot of marble options in this range.


Solid wood is generally used beech, birch, walnut, ash, oak, etc. The Wood Veneer we use is plywood paste natural wood veneer / high-end technology wood veneer, Including most the popular options.


Metal part we use stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel 304, 18/18 composition, with a high degree of corrosion resistance, which cost higher 30%~50%. more than Stainless steel 201


Our fabric budget up to 80 /meter, while the market average price is RMB 20 ~ 30


Our leather budget is RMB 30~40 /inch, while the market average price is RMB 10 ~ 20

Luxury Options

Imported luxury marble & fabrics, brass, etc. to meet the luxury furniture need.

Good Packaging is Essential

Good packaging can play a protective role during a long period of time in transit and can effectively avoid more than 90% of transport breakage. Our standard packaging for furniture is as follows:

Extra Protection

Extra Protection

After-sale Service

We offer free repair or replacement of new products for quality problems caused by our workmanship, structure, and technology.

We provide a paid after-sales service for violent transportation and man-made damage to the goods.

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